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On Saturday, August 13th, the New Black Panther Party will be front and center in Harlem for the Millions March (for Africa) in Harlem!
An event sure to garner international attention, this march and rally will feature a who’s who in the area’s PanAfrikan community.
Among the noted participants include Councilman Charles Barron, prolific PanAfrikan scholar Molefi Asante, Viola Plummer of the December 12th Movement, the principal organizing force, former president of the United Nations General Assembly, Fr. Miguel D’Ascoto, Dr. James McIntosh of CEMOTAP, Prof. James Small, former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who courageously just returned from a factfinding tour of Libya and assessed the destruction in human terms, ‘Attorney at War’ Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman of the New Black Panther Party and special guest Minister Louis Farrakhan!
The principal focus of the rally will be to condemn in strong united terms the U.S. government/NATO bombing raids on Libya.
One of Africa’s most politically and economically independent nations, Libya has done more to help development efforts on the continent than any other nation on the continent and more than any other nations of the former colonial northern hemisphere. Libya has been exemplary in using its natural resources to improve the living standards of its population. Libya has been one of the most driving forces of the Pan Afrikan ideal in practice on the Afrikan continent in recent years.
As many Northern African states with overwhelming Islamic majority populations are facing unprecendented internal democratic challenges, serious observers believe that Libya has come under attack to discourage those nations from regrouping drawing from the Libyan example of internal, PanAfrikan continental and Islamic international development and solidarity.
The gathering will also condemn the ongoing sanctions against Zimbabwe. Since the Zimbabwean government decided to take back their land from individually wealthy white landowners tied to the former colonial order, Zimbabwe has faced sanctions from the United States and Britain, their former colonial master, in an effort to derail an independent internal development strategy. Millions of foreign dollars have been pumped into the country, openly and covertly, to government opposition forces hoping to ‘de-elect’ the Mugabe.
“Long gone are the days of the white man dictating to our people who our leaders are and how we shall govern our own affairs,” exclaimed Zayid Muhammad, the Party’s national minister of culture.
“Somebody needs to brief Hillary Clinton and that neocolonial overseer in the White House,” he finished angrily.
The rally will also address scores of other anti-war and anti-imperialist themes relating them to devastating local austerity policies. Privatization of public labor, outsourcing, attacks on the right to collective bargaining, cutting funding for education, child care and key support services for the poor while major banks and corporations are receiving huge tax breaks and bailouts, an escalation of police brutality, how all of this can be directly related to the costs of war abroad will be highlighted.

Participants will assemble at Malcolm X Blvd and 110th Street in Harlem at 10am.

For more information, please call 718 398 1766…

PO BOX 25332, NEWARK, NJ 07101
973 202 0745*

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