Monday, August 8, 2011

POP spotlights the 46th day of its 381 day Campaign for Jobs, Peace, Justice and Equality

On Thursday, August 11th, the Peoples Organization for Progress (POP) will host a press conference to spotlight its ‘Daily People’s Campaign’ for ‘Jobs, Peace, Justice and Equality!’
It will take place at 12 noon at the Lincoln Memorial, located at the Springfield Avenue and West MarketStreet intersection, Newark.
The press conference will take place on ‘the Campaign’s 46th consecutive day!
The Campaign was launched on June 27th to dramatize the impact of draconian public policies on ordinary people. POP vows to host this daily action everyday for 381 days in honor of the epic Montgomery Bus Boycott that propelled a young Martin Luther King Jr. onto national consciousness!
Among the issues the Campaign is addressing are a need for a national jobs program, a call to end military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, a call to stand against police brutality, a call to preserve workers rights and collective bargaining, a call for a moratorium on foreclosures, a call for national health care and for affordable higher education, and more.
The press conference will spotlight the issues driving the action and will call for the endorsement, support and participation from other organizations, institutions and leaders.
The Peoples Daily Campaign emerges in the aftermath of POP mobilizing nearly a thousand people from laborunions, social justice organizations, churches and other activists this past April 4th to mark the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King!
“It’s time to grow this campaign and change the political climate in this city and in this area,” insisted Lawrence Hamm, POP’s longtime chairman.
“If these policies are making poverty and pain and suffering grow, then the resistance to those policies must also grow,” he finished.
The daily actions take place Monday through Friday at 4:30p.m. at West Market Street and SpringfieldAvenue, near the Lincoln Monument. Saturdays at Broad and Market at 12 noon and Sundays back at the West Market Street and Springfield Avenue location at 2pm.

For more information, please call 973 801 0001

PO BOX 22505
973 801 0001
Contact:Lawrence Hamm

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