Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Black Man Shot By Police - Yet Another Reason for National Afrikan People’s Parliament on March 2.

Toward a:
National Afrikan People’s Parliament
‘People Empowered for Self-Determination!’
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Yet Another Black Man Shot By Police!!!
Yet another reason why we must attend the National Black People’s Day of Action & Build the National Afrikan People’s Parliament.
A young Afrikan man was gunned down by the police in highly suspicious circumstances on Friday 17th February, in Forest Hill, where this Year’s National Black People’s Day of Action rally and conference is scheduled for March 2, 2012.
Known only as George to the public, the 25 year old Ghanaian allegedly attempted to break into a car and then attacked 3 police officers with a knife, causing them to call for armed back up. After discharging four rounds of taser of 50,000 volts each, the police claimed that this had no effect on him, necessitating pumping five rounds of lethal bullets into him. Mercifully, he did not die, but was rushed to hospital fighting for his life.
It seems incredible that 4 rounds of taser could not disable a man when one is often more than sufficient; or for that matter, that several police officers, with batons, trained to disarm suspects, could not subdue him without resorting to a shoot to kill policy.
This assumes of course that there is any truth in the police’s story. Mark Duggan, shot to death last August, was falsely accused of shooting at the police first, when he was not even armed. Smiley Culture allegedly stabbed himself through the heart twice; a feat said to be physically impossible by medical experts. The question is, “How long shall they kill our young men while we stand aside and look?”
We have no unity, no organisation, no representation! As a result of this the state abuses us and kill our young men with impunity. It is time we unite and organise around a national agenda designed to promote preserve and protect our best interest; especially our children and young people’s. It’s time we unite, organise and build the National Afrikan People’s Parliament.
Join us tomorrow for the National Black People’s Day of Action and play your part in building the National Afrikan People’s Parliament – Building our nation for a brighter and better future.
Join us tomorrow Friday March 2, 2012:
9:30 @ Moonshot Community Centre, Pagnell Street, SE14 6AY.
12:30 @ JK Banquet Hall, 15a Perry Vale, Forest Hill London SE23 2NE.
Unite, Organise Now, or Perish!
Rise, You Mighty People!

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