Friday, June 22, 2012

All roadslead to atlanta this weekend!

PO BOX 25332
NEWARK, NJ 07101
973 202 0745
June 20, 2012
On June 22 and 23, the New Black Panther Party will spearhead what is being billed as 'An Emergency Leadership Summit' in Atlanta.
The principal organizer and keynoter will be none other than the Party's national chairman and 'Attorney at War,' Malik Zulu Shabazz.
Other key participants will include elder Black Power legend Baba Mukassa Ricks Dada and attorney Mawuli Davis and more!
Key action items include a rally for Hashim Nzingha, the Party's chief of staff, facing bogus but serious charges in the aftermath of the Party's unveiling of its capture bounty on George Zimmerman, continuing pressure on the Zimmerman prosecution, standing down calls by the racist right wing to demonize the Party and to have the Party "investigated."
This powerpacked weekend will take place at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center, 5616 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia from 5-8pm.
Inquiries for Attorney Shabazz should be directed to 770 873 5491…
Looking Ahead…
On July 3rd, the New Black Panther Party's national minister of culture, Baba Zayid Muhammad, will be among a sea of powerful performers celebrating Mumia's victory over his death sentence!
"We fought long and hard for years to turn this ugly decadent date of injustice and repression on its head," Muhammad exclaimed, who has been committed to the case since for 22 years.
"Now we must turn it into triumph and do whatever is necessary to free Mumia," he finished.
The event, inspired by the legendary people's performing group, Sweet Honey In The Rock, is simply called 'We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest Until Mumia Is Free!'
Baba Zayid, who will reenact the immortal Frederick Douglass' classic speech 'What to the American slave is Your 4th of July?, will join Jasiri X, the Welfare Poets, the Sargonites and the Universal Drum Ensemble and more for a rally and performances that will take place
At Philadelphia's Independence Hall, located at 5th and Market from 12 noon to 6pm.
Revolutionary Journalist Mumia Abu Jamal was shot and framed for killing police officer Daniel Faulkner on December 9, 1981. He was sentenced to death by the infamous 'hanging  judge,' the late Albert Sabo on July 3, 1982, in order for all participating jurors to be free to enjoy their holiday weekend. Mumia's death sentence was vacated just months ago and is now at Frackwille Prison, serving a life sentence. Supporters and progressive forces are now pushing for volumes of exculpatory evidence to serve as the basis for the vacating of his conviction. July 3rd will mark the 30th anniversary of that gross injustice.
For more information, please call 267 760 7344…
On July 19th, the New Black Panther Party's national minister of culture Baba Zayid Muhammad will represent the Party at the 18th and concluding weekly rally protesting Graham's untimely and unjust killing at the hands of the NYPD
On February 2nd, Graham was stalked by undercover New York police officers who forced themselves into Graham's home. They shot and killed him in coldblood in front of his grandmother and 6 year old cousin. They suspected Graham of carrying marijuana.
In the aftermath of his killing, Graham's family and other activists including the Party's Khadijah Shakur, a local hero on the medical front, have hosted weekly rallies in front of Graham's home every week  for every year of Ramarley's life. They will do so up until July 19th which will represent the 18th consecutive week. Graham was only 18 years old when he was slain.
More details on this rally will be forthcoming…

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