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Erik Prince of Blackwater, which he sold after changing its name to 'Xe'
http://africansuntimes.com/2012/11/blackwaters-erik-prince-and-africa/Only if you have not been following the excesses of the U.S. military in awarding contracts to unscrupulous companies would you be forgiven for asking, 'So what's wrong with foreign companies going to Africa to invest?'  Already, the name of his company, 'Frontier Resources Group', evokes one of those sci-fi movies where swashbuckling individuals (normally whites) are dispatched to outposts to 'explore' and conquer the inhabitants.  Just thinking of who Prince is and what he is capable of, invokes a reminder of what happened in 2004 when Simon Mann, with funding from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's son, Mark Thatcher, attempted to overthrow the Equatorial Guinea's President Obiang Nguema.  Mann had purchased 20 machine guns, 61 AK-47 assault rifles, 150 hand grenades, 10 rocket-propelled grenade launchers (and 100 RPG shells), and 75,000 rounds of ammunition, and was trying to transport them to Equatorial Guinea before he was caught and detained by Zimbabwean authorities.(Read more)


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Millions of Americans and people all over the world celebrated the reelection of President Barack Obama to a second term.  But his reelection has elicited different reactions from some white Americans, including those who want to secede from the country, particularly in America's south who voted massively for Romney and couldn't believe their counterparts up north who put Obama back in charge for another four more years. (Read more)


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President Ernest Bai Koroma reelected to a second term with more than 58% of the vote.
The State Department has issued a statement congratulating the people of Sierra Leone for a peaceful election, the result of which showed current President Ernest Bai Koroma as winning more than 58% of the vote, 3% more than the required 55% needed to win without a run-off, while his strongest opponent, former military junta leader, Julius Maada Bai scored 37%. (Read more)
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The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

                                                            From The Ramparts
                                                         Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                               The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand
"If your guides claim that the Kingdom is in the sky, the birds of the sky will be there before you. If they say it is in the sea, the fishes of the sea will be there before you. The Kingdom is within you and without you. When you know yourselves you will be known. Then you shall know that you are Sons of the Living Father. But, it you do not know yourselves you are in poverty and you are poverty." The Gospel According to Thomas saying #3
A great awakening is upon us. We stand on the cusp of a New Age, a New Era, a time of personal and collective transformation. I'm not talking about the New World Order of the psychopathic/megalomaniacal international loan sharks, ruthless warmongers, and self-centered corporate CEO's, no, I referring to the ancient prophesies and predictions of the Wise Ones, Seers and MYSTICS who anticipated a time when collective humanity would hear "the still small voice" of THE ONE, "dream dreams and have visions" of our DIVINE nature, our righteous possibilities and follow its guidance.
The great awakening and rising consciousness we anticipate are inner promptings and manifestations of an increasing attunement to the higher frequencies/vibrations constantly emanating from THE UNIVERSE, the one song, the whole which is a living cogent entity. The physical UNIVERSE is merely the embodiment/emanation/expression of SPIRIT/INTELLIGENCE/ENERGY/CONSCIOUSNESS that humans have called by many names (Amun-Ra, in Kemet, Nyame in Akan, Olodumare byYoruba, Mulungu by the Gogo people of Tanzania etc) throughout the course of our existence and history. 
The UNIVERSE as a physical emanation of THE CREATOR is both DIVINE and material in nature; as creatures within this mix so are we. Many are concerned about the Mayan prophesies and what will happen on December 21, 2012. The Hollywood mind control apparatus deliberately misrepresented the Mayan calendar to make it seem like it would be a doomsday scenario, the end of the world. While it made money for the studio, it was not an accurate representation of the Mayan Prophesies or what they mean. To expect the aspiritual, benighted and barbaric West with its strictly materialistic orientation and its social controlling institutions to comprehend or fathom spiritual and psychic prophesies or to present them in a righteous manner is foolish on our part.
Hollywood is the quintessential tool in the deliberate dumbing down, desecration and debasement of humanity. For us to think Hollywood or any Western institution including religion, for that matter, will tell the truth is insanity on our part. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same people expecting things to turn out differently.  Do not look to Hollywood or the media for guidance or for truth. The Hollywood studio system merely reflects the consciousness, the values and aspirations of those who own and control it. We of all people know the owners of Hollywood are not about presenting truth, peace, humanitarianism or spirituality.
Many have heard about the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and are mistakenly looking for outward signs and manifestations of this new era. Do not to look for outward signs in the sky or any place else. The Mayans, the Age of Aquarius, quantum shifts etc. are first and foremost spiritual and psychic phenomenon. The origin of this new age is the realm of spirit and psyche. The outward manifestations will only come into being when we do the work of letting go of our misconceptions and our egos and transforming ourselves. The new era is already here, it's now we just can't perceive it thinking on our current vibratory level. It will become real in our lives when we actually listen and abide by the promptings, ideas, images and inner urgings we are getting from THE UNIVERSE.
We are all unique expressions of THE CREATOR, we respond, react and resonate differently to stimuli. For some the great awakening will be an aha, Eureka moment, for some it will be a quiet confident inner knowing, for some it will come as a result of life circumstances that unmistakably point to the need for personal change, for others it will be an unconscious following of a new direction, a new way of being/living. For each of us it will mean making a conscious choice/decision, choosing to change, choosing to be different. This can be frightening and unsettling but SPIRIT/INTELLIGENCE/CONSCIOUSNESS will guide us, inspire us and open amazing paths to greater experiences in life.
Humanity stands at a pivotal fork in the road. We have to empower ourselves by choosing which direction we go. Will we heed "the still small voice" and choose what Yeshua called "the narrow way" (Read  Matthew 7:13-14)  towards transformation? Or will we succumb to the Satanic tricks and traps of the psychopathic megalomaniacal ruling elites who will manipulate us by stimulating our appetites and passions, tempt us to mindlessly misuse and misapply our life energy and suggest we exchange our DIVINITY for the illusions of crass power they offer? All of us are like the Buddha, The Christos and every archetypical hero who was driven to confront his/her ego, their inner demons and shadow self; who must grapple with and resist giving in to their innate appetites and passions. This is what Yeshua meant when he said, "A man's foes shall be of his own household."
We either resist temptation or succumb to it. We either remain ignorant or we become wise.This experience of resisting temptation ultimately leads to transcending the limited self, moving towards self mastery and enlightenment.
The enlightened life will not be an existence of asceticism, boredom, isolation or alienation. That was the old paradigm based upon misunderstanding and immaturity. The new era is one of ongoing enlightenment, engagement, cooperation and harmony. The genesis of this engagement is within us; it will be from the inside out. Once we become integrated, whole and united within, it will be easier for us to see beyond the barriers of the material world, break the illusions of separateness and enmity which are based upon ignorance and fear. This new revelation will result in living differently, relating to others in new ways and living in the world in a different manner. We will go from ignorance to enlightenment, bondage to liberation and we will open our eyes to our divine nature.
We stand at a crucial fork in the road. The rulers of the current system will use every trick in the book to keep us ignorant and in bondage, including wars to prevent us from evolving and transcending. To remain our overlords they must keep us dumb, distracted, diseased and discombobulated. Do not allow them to trick you. Save yourself!  Like Bob Marley sang in Redemption Song, "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? Some say it's just a part of it we've got to fulfill the book. Won't you here to sing these songs of freedom cause all I ever have redemption songs." 
Looking beyond the creeds, dogma and doctrines we have been feed, searching for the real message of existence we find this message, "Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand." This is just as true today as it was two thousand years ago. The Mayan prophesies and astro-spiritual Age of Aquarius merely reinforce this message. The new age, the new consciousness is a redemption song telling us the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, right here and now. Free yourself from mental slavery and experience it.

Black Jesus: Did The Game Ghetto-rize the Gospel ?

Black Jesus:
Did the Game Ghetto-rize the Gospel
TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

"Religious images destroy the psychology of the Black Man/Who is crucified then vilified"
Crucified-Professor Griff

Last month, rapper ,"The Game" raised eyebrows when he released the cover art for his upcoming CD "Jesus Piece" which featured a thugged out "Black Jesus" wearin' a bandanna. The controversy was further fueled with the weekly "Sunday Service" pre-release teases that featured songs like "Holy Water" and "Black Jesus", in which the Game portrays himself as The Ghetto Messiah.

In interviews the Game has talked about his strong Christian beliefs and how "Jesus Piece" is about the conflict that arises when you are trying to do good in a world that rewards those who do evil.

I get that.

But the question becomes, is it necessary to Ghetto-rize the Gospel in order to reach the young Black males in the 'hood? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to give the youth the true image of "Jesus" instead of tryin' to make the Prince of Peace an OG?

The Game is not the first to try to make the Bible more appealing to young folks by replacing the King James version with a more King of Rock style.

In 1993, P.K. McCary published the "Black Bible Chronicles" in which she tried to mak " the Word " more hip. Not to mention the attempts by gospel artists like Kirk Franklin to mix Hip Hop with their music in order to reach the people in the clubs on Saturday Night who might not make it to service on Sunday morning. Also, a more socially conscious, "Black Jesus" by Tupac and The Outlawz was released in 1999 that begged a more laid back Black Messiah to come save the 'hood. But as the scriptures teach us, it is the Truth that is going to make us free. And the truth is that the image of the blue eyed, blond haired Jesus is just as historically inaccurate as The Games CD cover and this image has been more destructive to Black children than gangsta rap ever was.

This is the story that must be told.

The idea that the historical Jesus (Yeshua ben Yosef) was Black is not new and its origins can be traced back as far as Bishop Henry McNeal Turner who, in the 19th century , preached about the importance of Black people embracing a Black deity.
During the early 20th century, this was also echoed by Marcus Garvey of the Universal Negro Improvement League and Archbishop George McGuire of the African Orthodox Church. According to William Mosley in his book, "What Color Was Jesus," during the 1924 UNIA Convention, McGuire ordered that "all white pictures of Jesus and Mary , in homes and churches be "torn down and burned."

The 60's saw the creation of Black Liberation Theology which was advocated by ministers and theologians such as Rev. Albert Cleage (Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman) author of "The Black Messiah" and Dr. James Cone, (Black Theology /Black Power.) It must be noted that most of the early practitioners of the theology spoke of a "Black Christ" merely in symbolic terms.
However during the late 80's and early 90's , with the coming of the Afrocentric movement , historians such as Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango (Afrikan People and European Holidays) and Dr. John Henrik Clarke ,(The Boy Who Painted Christ Black) began to give historical proof to challenge traditional Euro-centric image of Yeshua.

According to historian, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan, in his work "Our Black Seminarians and Black Clergy Without a Black Theology," it was Michelangelo who painted the first pictures of a white Jesus, using his cousin as a model in 1512 at the request of Pope Julius II.

Furthermore, Dr. Barashango pointed out that, contrary to popular belief ,Yeshua was actually a revolutionary who was crucified for the crime of stirring up the people against the Roman Empire. This is contrary to the fragile looking white person who only preached about "turning the other cheek" and "loving your enemies." Neither philosophy is very popular in a community plagued by racism and police brutality.

A few Hip Hop artists have been bold enough to challenge the image of a Caucasian Christ . One of the first was Professor Griff back in the early 90's with his song "Crucified." Also on "B.I.B.L.E. "(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) , Killah Priest claimed that one of the most popular images of "Jesus" was actually Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI. More recently, in 2004, on the remix of Jadakiss's "Why," Nas asks the question, "Why is Jesus Christ never played by Black actors?"

However, most rap artists have, skillfully, avoided the issue, parroting the same line that Pastor Johnson gives,;"What difference does color make?" While ignoring the obvious, "if it didn't matter why was he painted white in the first place?"

Even on "Jesus Walks," although Kanye West rapped about Jesus walking with "drug dealers and even the strippers, "when it came to challenging the false European image, he said ,"I'm not here to argue 'bout his facial features..."

Rappers know which lines not to cross.

What The Game must realize is that the Black on Black violence that he talks about on "Black Jesus" can be directly attributed to the lack of kinship that our youth feel with the Creator. And it is easy to kill someone who you believe was not made in the image of God. Also, its hard to tell people to stand up against racism when they believe that the deity whom they worship condones it.

We must not be afraid to speak the truth to our children who are looking for answers as to why African Americans are suffering, disproportionately, from long prison sentences, police brutality, unemployment and other social ills.

Like Pac and the Outlaws said "We need help out here, so we search for Black Jesus."

Don't we all, brothers? Don't we all...

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott's weekly column is "This Ain't Hip Hop," a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com Website NoWarningShotsFired.com Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Women's Healing Empowerment Strategies. ((((( Sistahs Helping Sistahs... )))))

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In the beginning, there was the word, and the word contained the knowledge. Those who were called to share the word were called messengers and their mission was to spread the truth. Once these messengers accepted their calling, each year of their lives became more productive and had more of an impact on the history of civilization. As they shared more of their knowledge, the Most High bestowed more upon them, until one day, the message they shared rose to a level of power that liberated its disciples and followers. Each messenger is a specialist. Imhotep shared Medicine, Kween Hatshepsut shared liberation, Yesus shared love, King Selassie I shared truth, Frederick Douglass shared equality, Marcus Garvey shared economics, Martin Luther King shared justice, Dick Gregory shares health, Anthony Browder shares knowledge and RAs Heru-Khuti "The Levite" SHARED... Once you have heard or read the books/message, you will recognize and embrace the mission.
“When Afrikan Righteous People Come together, The World will Come Together …
This is Our Divine Destiny” …
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Dr. Boyce: Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous Should No Longer Be Invited to the White House | Black Blue Dog

I feel that we should give him some time. The G O P are acting like they won the election and want cut in order to get more taxes. I say if we have to like all the taxes go up. Tell the people the reason why the G OP are still saying no they want cuts. I say we will give them cuts in the taxes brakes the companies get to in so way pay no taxes.  The want to save the top 2% and say the hell with the other 98%. Just tell the people what is going on I feel that they will understand. And if the taxes do go up they will not say up for long. So like the G O P do what they have done for the last 4 years and say no again and see what the people do about it. We will see why is bluffing. 

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The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign: Recent Statements from Oscar Lopez and Norberto Gonzalez

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign


The American Studies Association, a progressive educational organization,  met last weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Panels included the participation of former Puerto Rican political prisoners Rafael Cancel Miranda, Elizam Escobar, Lucy Rodriguez, and Luis Rosa. Following is a statement written to the conference by Oscar Lopez Rivera:

For the American Studies Association conference

October 29, 2012
The U.S. government categorically denies it has political prisoners in its gulags. It does it primarily to cover up the nefarious, barbaric and even criminal acts and practices it carries out against us and other regular prisoners, and to do it with impunity. It uses the denial as its license to violate our most basic human rights by subjecting us to isolation and sensory deprivation regimens that are nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment. It uses it to hoodwink its own citizens to believe that it doesn't criminalize dissenters or opponents of its wars and other imperialistic practices. It does it to perpetuate the lie that it's the ultimate defender of freedom, justice, democracy and human rights in the world. And it uses it at times to further criminalize the political prisoners and/or our families and to disconnect us from our families, communities, supporters and the just and noble causes we served and try to continue serving.
During the many years I've been in the gulags, I've met and shared ideas, time and space with different political prisoners who struggle for just and noble causes like the one I've chosen to serve. Some were with me at USP Leavenworth, where we were labeled "notorious and incorrigible criminals" and targeted by the FBI, jailers and informants/provocateurs in their attempts to criminalize us further. In my case the same evil forces even used my medical condition as fodder for the escape conspiracy plot they hatched that added fifteen more years to my sentence.
There were political prisoners with me at USP Marion, where we were subjected to isolation and sensory deprivation regimens, and labeled "predators, the worst of the worst," and even "animals" by Dr. Urban, the head of the psychology department of USP Marion. Amnesty International went as far as defining the barbaric conditions in that gulag as a "legal crime." Sensory deprivation and isolation regimens cause a plethora of mental illness/problems, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) — the same mental disorder war veterans suffer.
And there were political prisoners with me in the gulag known as ADX Florence. There some of us were subjected to a sleep deprivation regimen that was pure and simple torture. I experienced it for 58 days and my sleeping patterns were so badly damaged that I still have serious problems sleeping. In these two gulags political prisoners were also the targets of constant harassment such as cell searches, confiscation of reading and art materials and placement in hot cells where there was contraband in order to issue us infractions, send us to the hole, and force us to start the "step-down" program all over again.
Since I have been in the gulags all of my communication has been intercepted and monitored, including my legal mail. My family has been persecuted and criminalized. Three days after I was sentenced my brother José was fired from his job at Northeastern Illinois University, and before that sent to prison for 11 months for refusing to testify before a grand jury. My mother, at age 70, was made my co-conspirator. Anyone who knew my mother knows she would rather have died than to engage in any criminal activity. The FBI has even tried to destroy good community programs that at one point and time I was associated with. The last 14 years I have spent in this gulag, Terre Haute. And the harassment has not stopped. Several times my art materials have been confiscated or lost, art work destroyed, family visits stopped, and I still have to report to the jailers every two hours. In those 14 years, in spite of all the provocations and harassment, the jailers haven't been able to accuse me of committing any infractions. But that doesn't stop them from doing what they've been doing to me for the past 31 years. And I'm fairly certain the other political prisoners continue experiencing the same treatment and conditions.
It could be argued that government's denial of our existence has worked. But our wills and spirits are strong enough to continue resisting and struggling.
En resistencia y lucha [in resistance and struggle],
Oscar López Rivera


Declaración  ante  la sentencia de Norberto González Claudio

En el día de hoy  se cumplió el acuerdo político  escrito en el que el gobierno de Estados Unidos reconoce  que la participación  como dirigente que tuviera Norberto González  Claudio en  la expropiación  a la Wells Fargo,  que realizara   la organización   puertorriqueña Los Macheteros en el año 1983, fue para promover la Independencia de PR y  no fue  para beneficio personal.

Norberto González Claudio  ha sido   defensor de los derechos civiles,  humanos y  por la justicia social  de los puertorriqueños desde su adolescencia.  Ha sido incansable defensor de los derechos de los estudiantes y los  trabajadores puertorriqueños  y del mundo en general. Ha luchado contra el sistema colonial que tenemos en Puerto Rico   y por su  independencia de Estados Unidos, la nación que lo coloniza.   Hoy a sus 67 años ha sido sentenciado a encarcelamiento y probatoria posterior a este  por esta nación  que  luchó y tuvo sus luchadores por la independencia como  él.  

Desde el 10 de mayo de 2011, cuando fue arrestado por el FBI en  Puerto Rico y transportado a los Estados Unidos, ha estado  prisionero en Rhode Island sin derecho a fianza. En esta prisión privada  Donald Wyatt (  DWWDF ) lo mantienen en solitaria con un mínimo de horas para ejercitarse y comunicarse con sus familiares.  Para el mes de enero de 2012  le diagnosticaron cáncer de piel  y no fué hasta mayo que le  sometieron a cirugía para remoción de la lesión cancerosa. Nunca tuvo una visita de seguimiento posterior a la cirugía y, al día de hoy, su condición de cáncer no ha sido reevaluada por un médico, por lo que se desconoce su condición en este momento.

Norberto está  feliz  de poder impulsar la libertad de su patria,  de luchar  contra la explotación del hombre por el hombre y por la unidad patriótica. Para él esa es su misión en esta vida.  Es  defensor del pueblo puertorriqueño y de todos los pueblos y naciones oprimidas. Por eso acepta su sentencia con una sonrisa.

Agradecemos   a todas las  personas que desean apoyar a Norberto en su decisión de aceptar encarcelamiento y probatoria  por defender a su nación del colonialismo estadounidense, del  derecho de los puertorriqueños a su libertad y su soberanía. Entendemos que cada persona individual o en asociación con otros escoge su mejor forma de dar su apoyo y solidaridad   y nosotros así  lo aceptamos.  Reconocemos a la Coordinadora de Solidaridad con la Diaspora Boricua (COSODIBO ) que hoy nos acompaña aquí en Hartford; a las organizaciones Pro Libertad, Freedom Campaign, The Ricanstruction Action Party, El Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño-Nueva York, El Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores-NYC, IFCO/Pastors for Peace,  y La Fundacion Andres Figueroa Cordero, también a el Partido Workers World-Mundo Obrero

que están ofreciendo  su apoyo desde Nueva York,   y en PR  a el Comité de Apoyo a Avelino y Norberto González Claudio (CAANGC),  el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP),  Comité de Derechos Humanos de Puerto Rico (CDH), la Coordinadora Caribeña y Latinoamericana de Puerto Rico (CCLPR), el 
Ejército Popular Boricua-Macheteros, el Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico Movimiento Libertador (PN-ML),  el  Movimiento Independentista  Nacional Hostosiano (MINH),  el Frente Socialista (FS), el  Movimiento al Socialismo (MÁS), el Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores-Macheteros, el Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores Puertorriqueños-Macheteros,  La Nueva Escuela,  el Partido Comunista (PC) entre otras  organizaciones que han dicho presente para acompañar a Norberto en el día de hoy .   Norberto, su familia y yo le damos nuestra más expresivas gracias por  todo este apoyo.

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Winter film for the Cuban 5

The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5



[TheBlackList] I Voted Republican

I Voted Republican
I have never voted Republican before, but in the recent presidential election, I voted Republican. I did not vote for Mitt Romney. I voted for the other Republican, Barack Obama.
  • I did not want to vote for a president who followed and executed the abhorrent war-mongering George Bush foreign policy, but I did.
  • I did not want to vote for a president who extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich, but I did.
  • I did not want to vote for a president who uses drones to flagrantly violate the sovereignty of countries and indiscriminately kill innocent people without remorse in pursuit of suspected terrorists, but I did.
  • I did not want to vote for a president who was very careful to distance himself from every black leader, but I did.
  • I did not want to vote for a president who reneged on his promise to close, or even fight for the closing of, Guantanamo Bay prison, but I did.
  • I did not want to vote for a president in whom I placed such hope but was left feeling so betrayed, but I did.
I did because I was terrified to vote for that tax-dodging, job-exporting,  racially-insulting, millionaire-backed Mitt Romney alternative.
At a meeting of my Democratic club after the elections, the room was filled with euphoria from the victories. The guest speaker reveled at the victories of some prominent Democrats. To be sure, some deserved praise, but many were 'wishy-washy' Democrats who are only tepid on many traditional Democratic issues. Although the very eloquent speaker was from Prince Georges County, she failed to mention one of the most courageous Democrats in the country, Congresswoman Donna Edwards of Prince Georges County.
"Are we to be Democrats in support of George Bush war-mongering polices?" I asked during the question period. The room did not seem receptive to my question. Many progressives have abandoned the club over the years leaving it more and more conservative, leaving its proud progressive traditions behind. I felt very alone. Then the realization hit me as I looked back at recent meetings. My once proud progressive Democratic club had become Republican, albeitt moderate Republican not tea-party Republican.
"Make the Democratic Party the kind of party you think it should be", was her reply. I was not satisfied with her response at first, but upon reflection, I think it was a very good reply. I intend to do just that. I renewed my membership that night.
Why should I be so alone? In the membership, where are the union members, the environmentalists, the anti-war activists, the civil rights and civil liberties activists. Occupy Wall Streeters should be occupying the Democratic Party. The Arab spring is actually a failure because the protestors did not occupy the political system. That is where change is made. We cannot change the Democratic Party back to its traditional progressive values from outside it.     
Let us invigorate the party. Let us have a real choice for presidential candidates in 2016.  I don't want to vote Republican again. I refuse to strengthen the Republican by voting for no-chance-of-winning third party candidate. Let us immediately begin work on selecting a Democratic presidential candidate who reflects true Democratic values. I cringe when I hear prospects bandied about. We have work to do. Starting now, lets work to get a Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich or  Bernie Sanders to be our next president. Time's a-wasting.
Michael Irving Phillips,
Editor, Hot Calaloo
Author, Boycott Money and Save Your Soul
- Launching The Goodwill Revolution".
"Bring Our War $$$ Home" - Codepink

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Critical Challenges Facing the Labor Movement

Jobs * Social Security * Labor Rights
Medicare and Medicaid * Peace and Justice


After the November 6 Election: Critical Challenges Facing the Labor Movement

The November 6 election was a devastating defeat for the far right, but was it a victory for the working class?

Clearly, the Republican Party leadership is the avowed enemy of labor. Romney attacked unions throughout his campaign. He opposed every public program designed to promote the health and welfare of the American people. He advocated privatizing Social Security and voucherizing Medicare. He urged turning Medicaid entirely over to the states. He supported union-busting Scott Walker in his bid to remain governor of Wisconsin and he hailed enactment of a "right-to-work" law in Indiana. He blasted the teachers  union in Chicago and elsewhere. He called for trillions in tax breaks for the millionaires and billionaires, while cutting workers' benefits to fund it. He endorsed government's dictating to women on questions involving their reproductive rights. He denounced undocumented workers and called for their "self-deportation." He argued for additional billions for the military and a more belligerent foreign policy, escalating the threats against Iran. And the positions he espoused were all part of the far right's creed.

But is the Democratic Party the answer to Romney and the far right?

Labor has been in the forefront of the fight to preserve Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs. Yet President Obama has already made clear his desire to join with Republicans in cutting these programs, declaring in an October 24, 2012 AP interview that he is "prepared to make a whole range of compromises," even though this will rankle his own party. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are already on board.

The AFL-CIO has issued a strong and uncompromising statement opposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare so the scene is set for a major confrontation with the Obama administration and its Congressional supporters on this issue.

None of this should come as a surprise. Political parties represent classes and both the Democrats and Republicans are corporate parties. The Democrats get 72% of their funding from big business -- the Republicans get an even higher percent -- and who pays the piper calls the tune.

What the Past Four Years Have Wrought

For the past four years (and well before then), the labor movement has been under savage assault on every conceivable front. At a time of economic crisis -- and with severe austerity measures directed against the working class and the poor being unleashed -- it is no exaggeration to say that labor is fighting for its very survival. 

We see this on the collective bargaining front, where major employers like Caterpillar and Verizon demanded and received significant concessions from their unions, despite the companies making record profits.

We see it in Wisconsin's and other states' assault on public employees' bargaining rights, and Indiana's vote adopting "right-to-work" legislation.

We see it in the escalating bipartisan campaign to undermine and cut Social Security and Medicare, along with measures to destroy retirement security.

We see it with the foreclosure of millions of homeowners and the imminent foreclosure of millions more.

We see it with enactment of a deeply flawed health-care program, which, despite containing some positive features, will drive up costs and fail to guarantee quality health care coverage for all.

We see it with the record number of deportations.

We see it with the declining standard of living for the working class while corporate profits and stock prices have soared.

We see it with the "Free Trade" agreements with Colombia, Vietnam and Panama -- vehemently opposed by labor -- that Bush couldn't get approved but Obama pushed through with bipartisan support.

Meanwhile, labor's priority issues have been ignored. These include a jobs program that would put tens of millions of workers back to work; Medicare for all; reform of the labor laws and restoration of the right to strike; the Employee Free Choice Act; repeal of repressive anti-labor legislation; and retirement security -- not robbing Social Security while cutting into federal workers' pension funds to pay for payroll tax cuts.

One of the greatest scandals of the 2012 presidential campaign was the refusal of the Obama administration to press measures to bring relief to the tens of millions of impoverished Americans, whose numbers grow rapidly by the day.

On foreign policy, Obama promoted the corporate, anti-worker agenda: an expansionist policy designed to find new areas of the world to exploit, indiscriminate use of drones, continued occupation of Afghanistan for more than two years, threats and preparations for war against Iran while tightening sanctions, support for right-wing and repressive governments around the world that repress unions and protect U.S. corporate interests (e.g., Colombia, Bahrain), and maintaining the astronomical Pentagon budget.

Considering all of the above, can it really be claimed that winning four more years for this administration was a victory for the working class?

What Lies Ahead?

Labor's subservience to the Democratic Party has cost the working class heavily, so we in the Emergency Labor Network welcome AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka's call for a break with that state of affairs and for building an independent labor movement.  For us, this includes giving consideration to establishing a new political party -- a workers' party led by the organized labor movement and its community partners, with a program that truly reflects the needs and interests of the great majority.

Regardless of which of the corporate parties controls the government and dominates its branches, the November 6 election solved none of the big issues confronting the American people. The hunger and homelessness; the home foreclosures; the corporate foreign policy; the assaults on the environment; the attacks on labor and on Social Security and Medicare, the need to expand Medicaid in all states; and the Bush tax cuts. All of these issues and more will still be with us after November 6.

As for the AFL-CIO and its taking a strong stand against cuts to Social Security or Medicare, this is all to the good. But it is just the starting point and it will not mean much in the absence of an all-out campaign that goes beyond traditional lobbying. It is high time that in accordance with our best traditions, labor mounts street demonstrations of the most massive kind, akin to Solidarity Day I and II actions in the nation's capital. Imagine the potential in reaching out to the more than one hundred million people on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to join in such an outpouring, along with labor's community allies.

We have demands to raise: Hands Off Our Cherished Safety Net Programs! Expand Medicaid Coverage in Every State! Put America Back to Work by Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure and Implementing a 21st Century WPA Program! Money for Jobs, Health Care, Housing and Education -- Not for Wars and Occupations! Bring All the Troops Home From Afghanistan Now! No War on Iran! Amnesty for all Undocumented Immigrants!  For a Safe, Clean and Healthy Environment! Freedom and Justice for All!

We must not let Obama's victory on November 6th delude us into thinking our fight is over.  Indeed, with both the president and the Congress -- in varying degree only -- determined to follow Corporate America's lead in imposing severe austerity measures on our already severely wounded working class, we dare not let down our guard; dare not fight for anything less than real political change &and fight for it even harder than before November 6.

No less than the very lives and fortunes of working people, the unemployed and underemployed, and of all rank-and-file Americans are at stake. And only a united movement of the working class, joined by hundreds of thousands of its community supporters, can win the tough battles that lie ahead. But such a movement can win them!  So let us waste no time in organizing it!

-- Issued by the Emergency Labor Network (ELN)

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