Friday, September 26, 2014

UPDATE: Baba Herman Ferguson joins the Ancestors.


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Baba Herman Ferguson joins the Ancestors. Baba Herman was a progressive and Black Nationalist educator in the New York City schools system. 

An associate of Malcolm X, he was a member of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU).

Baba Herman was the organizer and director of the OAAU Liberation School. He formed the Black Brotherhood Inc. in Queen, NY, which joined the Revolutionary Action Movement in 1967. 

In response to white supremacist groups arming themselves, Baba Herman formed a rifle club for Blacks in Queens, NY.

He also motivated his students like Mutulu Shakur and Abdul Majid to become active in the the Black Power movement. Baba Herman also joined the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika in 1968.

He was targeted by the FBI Cointelpro program and forced into exile in Guyana. He returned to the U.S. and served time as a political prisoner and after his release fought for the release of other incarcerated freedom fighters.

He and his wife and partner in love and struggle, Mama Iyaluua Ferguson initiated the Nationtime newspaper, the New Afrikan Liberation Front, and the Jericho Movement for Amnesty for U.S. political prisoners.

I am blessed and more enriched to learn and work with Baba Herman.

His spirit will continue to guide and fight for us as an Ancestor!!!

Free the Land!!!  Ase!!!

by Brother Akinyele Umoja -9/26/14


Brother Herman Ferguson returned to the Ancestors at approximately 2:45 pm on Thursday, Sep 25th while at home in North Carolina.  He had suffered with congestive heart failure for many years, and a few months ago started receiving hospice care at home. While his spirit always remained high his physical condition had worsened, particularly so in last week. His wife, and long time comrade Sis Iyalua Ferguson, says she believes that in the end he made the transition peacefully.   
Baba Herman had a long and active relationship with the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG-RNA), with the New Afrika Independence Movement. He was Minister of Education in the first Cabinet in 1968, and in later years, among other things, served as a District Judge. The thought and prayers of the PG-RNA are with his family.
At present time  plans are to hold a memorial service in North Carolina for Baba Herman sometime in the near future. 

His family will provide more information as details are worked out.

Free The Land,
A Luta Continua!

by Masai Ehehosi
Miinster of Information

Kwasi Akyeampong
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