Sunday, October 5, 2014

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Six False Claims the EPA is Making to Hide Its Attempt to Control America's Water

Posted by TheBlackList-Publisher on October 5, 2014 at 2:55pm 0 Comments
Six False Claims the Environmental Protection Agency is Making to Hide Its Attempt to Control America's Water…

The World's First Global Library Goes Live, Providing Valuable, Uncensored Information, In Any Language or Format, With Universal Access for All of Humanity

Blueprints to build a civilization—the works of William Shakespeare in nine languages—scholarly articles from leading universities. This is a fraction of what can be downloaded from space for free via Outernet
In 2012, just 35.5% of humanity had access to the Internet, which could be considered the largest…

A Republican Came Knocking

A Republican Came  Knocking
“Some one came knocking

At my wee small door

Someone came knocking

I’m sure, sure,  sure….

(poem “Some One”, by Walter de La Mere)
It was a Republican candidate. His name was Ralph Colavito. He was very reluctant to tell me he was a Republican claiming it was only incidental. He explained that “R” stood for Republican and his first name began with “R”.
I told him that  the Republican strategy of voter suppression…

Humanity Helping Sudan Project determined to #Feed50k in Africa by the end of the year.


The Famine No One Is Talking About

    On July 9, 2011, South Sudan…

#OrganicFestival Organic social media festival reaches more than 15 million consumers

A mom shared a picture of her toddler watering their organic vegetable garden, a college student asked about the stringency of organic standards, a diabetic adhering to a gluten-free diet appreciated the organic recipes and an influential Capitol Hill reporter tweeted to her thousands of followers about Organic Palooza. That's just a smattering of the …

Millennium 3 Management (M3M), an African American-Owned, Philadelphia-Based Firm Shares Expertise with Mighty Writers Students

African American-Owned, Philadelphia-Based Communications and Branding Firm Shares Expertise With Mighty Writers Students
Millennium 3 Management, Inc. Continues Ongoing 25th Anniversary Activities
As part of its ongoing, 25th-year anniversary celebration,…
Kwasi Akyeampong
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