Monday, July 20, 2015

Reflections on the white Terrorist Military Operation in Charleston, South Carolina

Open Letter to My Sisters and Brothers on the Aftermath of the Slaughter of Nine Members of the African American National Community in Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina

I feel our pain because of the slaughter of our nine sisters and brothers by a white terrorist who carried out a failed military mission in an attempt to spark the start of a genocidal war against the African American population.
Yet in his failure and because of the results of his actions nine human beings went from active members of our community to spirits that will be seared into our memories because of this white terrorist act.
This recent massacre by a white terrorist in Charleston, South Carolina will go down in infamy with so many other crimes which has shaped the collective historical mosaic of this nation-state known as the United States of America.
We must come to realize that such massacres have occurred periodically throughout the history of this empire. This is not an aberration it is an integral part of white pseudo-supremacist United States culture. Blood sacrifice momentarily quenches the thirst of the beast yet that same beast is never ever satisfied. The need for “racial” hierarchicalism and hegemony begs for violence and intimidation to keep the people in check and reaffirm their place in an exploitative and oppressive society.
This is one of many crimes against humanity that have been inflicted upon us since Europeans invaded the shores of what is now called the Americas, slaughtered the indigenous peoples, stole their lands and kidnapped millions of Africans to create the extraordinary reserve of wealth of the United States economic elite.
In respect to our journey we should never forget how our ancestors were snatched, kidnapped, enslaved, mutilated, whipped, beaten, genitalia cut off or cut out, sexually abused, raped, sodomized, burned up, dismembered, skinned alive, lynched, stabbed, worked to death, muscles torn from bone, boiled, buried alive, tarred and feathered, drowned, crushed, hacked to death, electrocuted, smothered, hanged, blown up, thrown out of aircraft, jailed, held in solitary confinement, unjustly incarcerated, framed, torn apart, thrown off cliffs, bombed from the air, machine-gunned to death, shot, dragged to death, urinated on, defecated on, displayed in zoos, used in so-called “scientific” experiments, defiled, humiliated, negatively stereotyped and denied, oh so denied but yet we rise.
The malevolence inflicted against African Americans because of white pseudo-supremacist culture of these Americas is a bloodletting that runs like a bright shimmering red thread throughout the tapestry of ourstory to this very day. Our people are still being slaughtered by white terrorists, in and out of uniform, and such acts by those in police uniform are tacitly sanctioned by the state.
If you haven’t already you must begin to realize that the United States of America is an unjust empire which uses wholesale violence to keep the world masses in poverty for the expressed purpose of the transnational corporate elite and its minions.
White pseudo-supremacy is a cynical and inhuman culture. The concept of the white race is a legal fiction created in the United States of America to keep the people at each other’s throats with the illusion that white people are biologically superior and their status is threatened by the melaninated hordes when in fact because of this social construct of race and compact with their fellow predominately white exploiters and people of color accommodationists lower wages are induced because the corporate elite uses the racial antagonism to its advantage.
The working class seeing its self as a class is obfuscated and civilization is objectively an illusion. Science is trumped by belief and thus so-called white people fantasize about their “superiority” while their standard of living diminishes, earth’s temperature increases, storms become stronger and our environment deteriorates because of climate change caused by carbon emissions orchestrated by transnational corporate policies that are leading the human race towards extermination.
This violence must end. African Americans must be vigilant and when necessary defend themselves against such assaults. African Americans, along with their allies, must escalate the pressure to dismantle the belief system of white pseudo-supremacy. This means not just taking down the flag temporarily but exposing every vestige of the practice of white pseudo-supremacy in every nook and cranny to eliminate it on a practical and real level.
Laws will not change attitudes or practice. Discrimination will continue as long as there is a limitation on living wage employment, a shortage of housing and the squandering of our national wealth on perpetual warfare against a tactic and an enemy that is the creation of a terrorist foreign policy which is controlled by the few who do not have the interest of the people at home or abroad heart.
One can no longer limit their vision to civil rights because quite frankly we are fighting for our lives, the lives of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and those not yet born. We must have zero tolerance for white pseudo-supremacy and those who inflict such pain and suffering upon us. When you see it or you are experiencing it says something, point it out and demand that it ends now! We have to organize to create a culture which respects the life of every human being on this planet and create a world culture of respect for ourselves and our planet.
We can only do this by moving towards a sustainable lifestyle and democratizing the whole global economic and workplace to meet the needs of all the people. One of the tenents must be a person must be safe in their own person and allowed their individuality and self-expression as long as it does no harm to anyone; respect all and harm none.
For those of us who have been doing the hard work, as Mr. Eddie Ellis use to say, “Never give up, never give out and never give in.” If you find yourself faltering reach out to a comrade for support. Watch your back and walk tall with pride. Let us keep moving forward towards human liberation.


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