Friday, April 3, 2020

SOLIDARITY WITH VENEZUELA -- People's Democratic League


Solidarity is the strongest weapon in the struggle against oppression
and injustice and it embraces all the peoples of the world. All who
subscribe to these fundamental values are our allies and our friends
against tyranny, dictatorship, corruption, exploitation and

As a grassroots democratic organ, the People's Democratic League (PDL)
is one of progressive African political parties with democratic ethos
fighting for the cause of humanity and social democracy. We are in
solidarity with oppressed peoples who oppose unjust wars and
production of weapons for war and who advocate peace and prosperity
based on equal co-operation aided by scientific knowledge and
technical advancement.

On Friday 27March, 2020 the legitimate government of the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela, led by constitutional President Nicolas Maduro
called upon progressives around the world to rally their solidarity
behind Venezuela, as the US government heightened its aggression and
economic warfare against the South American nation. On March, 2020 the
Trump administration in Washington unveiled its plan to assassinate
constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, to overthrow the legitimate
and democratically-elected Government in Caracas and replace it with
terrorist outfits based in Colombia.

To start with, the People's Democratic League firmly denounces and
condemns the Trump administration's fifteen million dollars ($15, 000,
000. 00) price tag on the head of constitutional President Maduro,
along with other members of the Bolivarian Government. The PDL utterly
deplores US-anti-Venezuelan policy as act of terrorism at the highest
international order, and this stands to be condemned by all
sane-thinking persons. We equally call on the international community
to join forces in denouncing the conduct of the Trump administration
in Washington and calling for an end to US hostile policy of
aggression, economic warfare and other downright subversive actions
against the legitimate government and people of Venezuela.

While other leaders are busy fighting the current Corona pandemic to
save lives, unfortunately the aggressive rhetoric President Donald
Trump and his cohorts in Washington have opted to destroy innocent
lives in Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Syria, Yemen, Iraq,
Afghanistan, North Korea, Libya Jamahiriya and Zimbabwe by imposing
harsher sanctions and tightening embargoes to achieve their evil
designs and tastes. This act constitutes an outrageous escalation of
offensive behaviour that is at variance with peace, regional security
and principle of good neighbourliness.

Furthermore, in the past few days, the US government, backed by
Colombia has increased the frequency of daily violations of the
sovereignty of Venezuela, resorting to unacceptable actions in Latin
America. On this hard time of Covid-19, instead of fighting to save
the lives of Americans, the Trump administration has abandoned its
duty and responsibility to the American people, to redirect resources
to destabilize Venezuela.

Recently, military flights carrying narcotic drugs kingpins, armed
mercenaries and weapons flagrantly violated the air space of Venezuela
in an attempt to execute regime change in Caracas, to kill
constitutional President Nicolas Maduro and targeted members of his
government, including the Vice President Madam Delcy Rodriguez and
National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, and others.
These actions demonstrate an escalating pattern of Washington defiance
of United Nations Charter and fundamental principles of international

The dubious and unfounded charges against constitutional President
Maduro and his legitimate government constitute a climax of United
States aggressiveness. We at the People's Democratic League reiterate
our deep concern about the horrible impact of US aggression on
ordinary Venezuelans.

The People's Democratic League reaffirms its full solidarity with
constitutional President Nicolas Maduro and other members of his
legitimate government targeted by the Trump administration for
destruction. The PDL reiterates its call to the international
community and to regional and international institutions, in
particular the African Union and the United Nations, for urgent action
in this issue.

PDL always support the peaceful resolution of all issues, following
the established diplomatic ways and respect for International Law. We
unambiguously condemn the provocative and meddling mentality of the US
government and we demand the immediate and unconditional easing of all
sanctions against Venezuela and respect for Venezuela's sovereignty.

Definitely, people across the world, should stand up today for the
rights of the Venezuelan people. We in the People's Democratic League
are firmly on their side.

In Solidarity with Venezuela!


Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
Leader and National Leader
People's Democratic League


2nd. April, 2020

Public Release Statement

Freetown, Sierra Leone.