Thursday, July 29, 2021

Brother Glen Ford, founder of Black Agenda Report, has joined the Ancestors


Brother Glen Ford, founder of Black Agenda Report made transition this morning. Glen was/is a seasoned, unapologetically-Black journalist who told the truth about the system of racism under which we live. Under his direction, Black Agenda Report didn't pull any punches and gave people the unadulterated truth. He always responded whenever I called because he knew I had some real news about the condition of Black people in Philly. For the last 20 years he published damn near everything I sent him and included bylines, especially if it was about Mumia Abu Jamal or MOVE. He was a strong supporter of the fight to Free Mumia and the MOVE 9. 
When I was communications director for retired State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, Glen was on my media contact list. He interviewed Rep. Thomas at least once a month for the Black Agenda radio podcast because of his progressive stance on issues like the Real ID and issues that other legislators ignored. 
Glen was a not a "Negro journalist" and didn't kiss ass. He was/is a true soldier for Black people 24/7.  His pen was his sword. Young Black journalists need to know who he is/was. We need many more like him.
A great tree has fallen!
May Olodumare and the Ancestors
Bless and Accept his soul for
Standing for Truth and the Liberation of his people
Glen Ford, Iba'e Tonu
Rest in Peace and Power

Iya Kai
Marilyn Kai Jewett
Progressive Images Marketing Communications

African Proverbs:
The mouth of the wise is closed to those who cannot hear.

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