Our major ask on our Foreign Affairs Advocacy Day, where we met over 60 Ministers, leaders, and MPs from every single federal political party on the Hill, was simple: no more products should come to Canada that arise from the Uyghur genocide in China.

Currently, we know that many products do come to Canada (like tomatoes and textiles) that originate from East Turkestan where massive human rights atrocities are taking place. Our ask was simple: we want a piece of legislation called S-211, which requires companies to disclose and report on forced labour practices, to pass swiftly through committee, but to also introduce an amendment in committee that bans all products (with a reverse onus exemption) that arise from East Turkestan.

Our delegates also chatted about numerous other topics, from aid to Afghanistan to ICC jurisdiction in the Occupied Territories to the challenge of parts of the G-20 taking place in Kashmir.

We also want to thank our brave Canadian Uyghur leaders who passionately led the way in telling their stories and leading us in calling for change.