Thursday, March 9, 2023

It’s My Time to visit Africa…We’re Going Home!

It's My Time to Visit Africa Tour

The 2024 Return "Home" with Curtis Bunn

Are you Ready??
Travel to Africa is an adventure or I like to say a life experience, a gift of culture and historic understanding that we give ourselves when we spend time in the Motherland. Ghana has so much to offer for the first or third-time visitor.
I cannot promise that you will return home rested. You'll want to see and experience as much as you can, and some days you will run on excitement and adrenalin. Not to worry, rest options are built into the itinerary 😀. I can promise that you will return renewed, informed, and changed.

Expect monthly communication from Cousin Trips with information to help you prepare for travel. I know that we are all busy and inundated
with everything, so I will keep the communication short, factual, and fun. If you have questions about any aspect of the tour or travel plan, reach out to me by e-mail, 
Yes, I Am Ready!
WATCH | Mallence Bart-Williams shares the REAL history of Africa! 
Action Steps
If you have not submitted a Trip Application, click here complete the application and return via e-mail or snail mail.
If you have not set up a payment plan and choose to be on a plan, contact me via email for set-up details.
Apply for a passport if you do not have one. All others check your passport to confirm that it will be valid for 6 months after returning from Ghana (U.S. passport travel regulation).
Finally, enjoy an introductory video… Our Africa experience begins now!
Travel Blessings!

Samimah Aziz
For travelers on the My Time to Visit Africa trip
July 10-23, 2023

We will have our first Travel
Meeting via zoom on March 14 @ 8:30pm ET.

A link will be forwarded to your email, please
plan to attend.

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