Friday, June 9, 2023

INCASE YOU MISSED IT! Latin American Medical School (ELAM) Scholarship Information Session

ELAM Scholarship Info Session
with Dr. Samira Addrey
Hear from ELAM 2020 Graduate
Dr. Samira Addrey

Samira Mifatou Addrey is a 2020 graduate of the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. She was born and raised in Accra, Ghana before migrating to the United States at the age of nine with her family. She believes in health as a human right and fulfilling the ethos of Cuban medical training which is based on solidarity, altruism and humanitarianism. Her field of interests include but are not limited to Rural Community Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Cultural Psychiatry.
Can one medical school change the world?
Dare to Dream: Cuba's Latin American Medical School
Created by Jennifer Wager
This film tells the story of the largest medical school in the world, the Latin American Medical School (ELAM as it is known in Spanish) in Havana, Cuba through the eyes of US students who received scholarships with the commitment to practice medicine in under-served communities.
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