Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Get Ready to Dance: Afropop Party Hits This Friday Night!

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The Afropop Dance Party of the Year

Get ready to light up your Friday night like never before. On November 10, the Afropop Dance Party drops at the one and only SOBs. Doors swing open at 6:30 pm — be there.

A Single Ticket, Unlimited Fun for $38

Your ticket is your gateway to a night with the greats—Samba Mapangala and dj Henri. Prepare for an immersive blend of African, Afro-Latin, and Caribbean rhythms that will have you dancing all night long.

Live Legends on Stage

The stage will come alive with the strums of Jaja Bashengezi, the deep grooves of Ngouma Lokito's bass, and the intoxicating beats of Nkumu Katalay's congas. These artists are not just playing music; they're telling stories.

A Night of Celebratory Heritage

Join us in toasting to the 35th Anniversary of Afropop Worldwide and the 40th Anniversary of SOBs. It's a gathering of friends old and new, a reunion of cultural aficionados.

Dress for the Occasion

The evening is as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears. Your style is part of the night's festivities. Dress to impress, but most importantly, dress to enjoy.

After Dark: The Party Continues

The music doesn't stop when the main event ends. Stay on for the Caribbean Friday Dance Party, featuring a selection of reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, and soca that will keep your feet moving.

Afropop Worldwide: A Legacy of Sound and Story

We are thrilled to guide the dynamic African diaspora with music as our universal language at Afropop Worldwide.

Reserve Your Spot

Tickets are in demand and space is limited. Act now to ensure your spot at SOBs for a night that promises to be a night you'll never forget.
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Afropop Staff:

Sean Barlow, Executive Producer
Banning Eyre, Senior Producer
Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe, Director of Development
Ceyvion Biggs, Director of New Media and Operations
Michael Jones, Chief Audio Engineer (
CC Smith, Editor at Large

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