Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thousands of summer & year-round internships available from top companies & organizations

-- Thousands of summer and year-round internships available from top companies and organizations like Microsoft, Apple, NAACP, Coca-Cola, Sony, CNN, Smithsonian, and many more. --

~ It's that time of the year again where summer internships are soon to begin, and one new web site, FindInternships.com, is helping students find the right program.
An intern is an assistant or apprentice who is being taught a craft or trade. For college students and graduates, an internship is a short term job, often without pay, that allows them to practice their new skills and learn from more experienced employees. It also gives them a real life look into the day to day activities that will define their work environment for the next 30-40 years.
FindInternships.com is a 100% free online resource for students looking for summer and year-round internships. The web site posts new opportunities daily from major corporations, non-profit organizations, and local and federal government agencies. Some of their opportunities are even for students looking to go abroad.
There are many, many opportunities available, and FindInternships.com filters through each one of them to ensure that they are 100% real and legit. Some are specific to students of certain majors and career paths, while others are only for students who reside in certain cities and states.
For more details and/or to find an internship program, visit: www.FindInternships.com

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