Wednesday, September 20, 2023

IFCO Denounces Attempt Made on Honduran Activist Miriam Miranda's Life

IFCO/Pastors For Peace wholeheartedly condemns the recent threats and acts of intimidation against Garifuna Leader Miriam Miranda. We stand in solidarity with all Garifuna activists fighting to defend the land, life, and culture of the Garifuna people of Honduras.
Below is the statement issued following the incident by OFRANEH (The Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH) is a grassroots organization that works on behalf of the Garífuna people). Miriam is OFRANEH's General Coordinator. 

 OFRANEH statement:

In the early hours of September 19, 2023, at least four (4) unknown, heavily armed men entered the community of Vallecito, Colon, specifically the home of our general coordinator Miriam Miranda, to make an attempt on her life. This event occurs within the framework of the visit to this territory by members of the Technical Committee of the Protection Mechanism.

Members of our colleague Miriam Miranda's security team managed to identify that these men, who were carrying assault rifles, do not belong to the Garifuna people. The security forces demanded that the criminals identify themselves, without receiving a response.

This attack is part of a PLAN OF GENOCIDE AND EXTERMINATION against the Garifuna people that has been carried out through multiple attacks. These range from threats, constant murders to forced disappearances, which we have been denounced by OFRANEH and which continue to increase the high levels of impunity and racism that we face as a people.

We demand that the Honduran State guarantee the right to life and security of our colleague Miriam Miranda and provide all the conditions for her to continue exercising her work in defense of the territory, culture and life of the Garifuna people.

La Ceiba, Atlántida, September 19, 2023

#Alto al Genocidio contra el pueblo Garifuna

Our solidarity with the Garifuna people dates back to the 1990s when IFCO was organizing caravans through Honduras helping to highlight the struggles of the Garifuna people. Please stay tuned to learn more ways you can support IFCO's efforts to support the Garifuna struggle.
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